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Artificial Grass

From the traditional to the modern art of carpets,

Artificial Grass

Beautex Landscape grass in realistic colors is an ideal replacement for natural grass. It is widely used for many different applications including residential playgrounds, commercial sites, DIY, etc.


Sr No. Style Name Coating Backing Roll Width (W*L)M QTY Per Roll
1 Beautex Grass – 25 mm PP + Mesh + SBR Latex PP Cloth + Mesh 2×25 m 50 m2
2 Beautex Grass – 35 mm PP + Mesh + SBR Latex PP Cloth + Mesh 2×25 m 50 m2
3 Beautex Grass – 40 mm PP + Mesh + SBR Latex PP Cloth + Mesh 2×25 m 50 m2




Wide range of application

Residential |  Playground |  DIY | Commercial

Product Benefits

No Harmful Chemicals | Heavy Metal Free | Safe for Kids | Pet Friendly | High Performance.

As a pioneer and one of the earliest landscape turn solution providers, Beautex has a rich background in developing, designing, and manufacturing a wide range of landscaping grass for different applications.

After researching the geographical culture in different areas of the world, Beautex has designed and developed hundreds of synthetic yarns and turf systems in various types with diverse value-added functions to meet the demands all over the world.

As for the color, Beautex also offers designs in different colors according to regional preferences to meet the demand for artificial turf in different areas.

Additional information


25 MM, 35 MM, 40 MM


Residential, Playground, DIY, Commercial


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